Hello everyone!

This post is dedicated to the space enthusiasts.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my little girl, trying to explain how the planets are forming. She was fascinated by the facts but she couldn’t quite picture the movement of the planets around the sun and how the moon rotates around the earth. Don’t get me wrong she’s a clever girl(he says with a fatherly pride) but sometimes we all need a bit of visual help in order to understand things. So, as a dedicated parent with a certain set of skills I decided to create a solar system (very crude) in order for her to understand and see how the planets and the moon are moving around the sun.

Here is the result:


Planet Nursery

The system was built in Unity, this is version 5 or 6(not quite sure). I’m using the Physics system, applying forces to create the┬ámotion. I create an initial velocity at start and after that the system does the rest.

I called the project Planet Nursery based on my aspirations. I’m trying to create a system, time permitted, where the planets and the sun are getting formed from a cloud of dust(matter) based on a strict set of rules with no outside interference.

If you are interested in the project or you want to find more, please drop me a comment.

Thank you.