I am a Teaching and Research Associate in School of Engineering Computing and Mathematics at University of Plymouth, UK.

My main teaching is done for Games Development Technology course.

I am a module leader for COMP3015 – Game Graphics Pipelines. This module develops core programming skills in OpenGL and C++ for game developers focusing on the specific elements of graphics pipeline.

I am also a module leader for SOFT336SL – Cross Platform Application Development in C++. This module helps students develop skills in object-oriented design and software engineering in C++ using Qt platform to develop a cross platform application. 

I am a Stage One tutor for all four Computing courses and I am a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA) since 2016. 

My background is in game development, mainly programming. My initial development was done in C++, DirectX and/or OpenGL, lately focusing more on the main engines used in the industry Unity and Unreal. For the past 10 years I was part of a team that developed a range of applications (mobile apps and games, simulations, visualisations in VR) called Interactive Systems Studio under University of Plymouth umbrella. 

My research interests are in using game technology to solve real world problems through virtual environments. The main focus is on immersive technologies, VR , AR, mixed reality. Currently I’m studying for my PhD – Immersive analysis of multidimensional complex data in VR. The goal is to help with the visualisation of abstract, complex big data using immersive technologies using relatively cheap, off the shelf, Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). Please see my research page for the latest publications.