As I promised earlier I will post a more complete video of Larry the Hairy Friendly Bear. Larry is developed by Chatterbox Art in order to help pre-school children, learn new words.

So far I managed to implement a menu system using Unity’s UI. We have beautiful narration so children can enjoy it as story but we also implemented interaction with the environment.

Most of the elements are working with the physics system creating chain reaction events in the scene. Children can collapse the entire set by clicking on the elements. After a few seconds the elements reset giving children an opportunity to try again. The main goal of this app is to teach children a few basic words, so for every interaction a word is being shown. Through constant interaction, visual cues and sound bytes we teach children these new words.

I also implemented some of the animations for the characters. The physics system for the ropes works with accelerometer in the devices, allowing children to tilt the device in order to get a reaction from the clouds and the sun.

If anyone is interested to know more about how any of these systems have been implemented, please comment bellow and I’ll write a post about that particular element.